"God speaks to us through the life experiences of people in the Bible who are like you and me"

We experience personal growth and spiritual maturity as we imagine ourselves in the stories of the Bible. What would you experience if you faced the giant Goliath on the battlefield? What would you learn about who you are and what's important to you. How would those experiences shape the way you relate to yourself and others?

Thats what makes experiential preaching centred on the stories of the Bible a life changing experience.

Pastor Trevor Thomas

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Who We Are & What We Do

Motivational Speaker

Pastor Trevor Thomas is an experienced Christian church minister. His passion is for preaching centred on the stories of the Bible as a means of personal and spiritual growth. 

Pastor Thomas also teaches church members the skills of preaching effectively by understand the structure of the stories God gave to us. 
Teaching takes place in small groups on two levels, first is seminar presentations and second is practical application. 
For more information and to join a small group please contact Pastor Thomas on akerscalder@outlook.com 

Upcoming Events

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Preaching practice group is 1st Tuesday each month at 7pm to 8:30pm to register contact Trevor at akerscalder@outlook.com

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To find out more about developing your preaching skills please contact Trevor at: akerscalder@outlook.com

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We provide this service free of charge and only ask for a donation to support us. You can make your donation here via.